As a non-profit organization, part of CommCare’s mission is education and outreach. We welcome you to use the resources in our library to get information on topics facing elders and their families. Resources in our library range from information conditions and illnesses that may affect elders, ways in which we address these conditions, as well as information concerning Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us. And check back often, as new resources are added each month.



 Cardiac Program

 Flu, Pneumonia & Upper Respiratory Illnesses

 When Heart Conditions or Strokes Occur

 Parkinson’s Disease and the Elderly

 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

 10 Signs Your Elderly Parent May Need Help

 Infusion Therapy

 Successfully Addressing Wounds

 Addressing CHF

 Managing Diabetes

 Medicare Hospice Respite Care

 Respite Care

 Progress After a Stroke