Greenbriar Community Care Center

505 Robert Boulevard
Slidell, Louisiana 70458

Greenbriar has just completed major renovations, which have significantly increased the size of its dining room and doubled the size of its therapy department. Additionally, Greenbriar has purchased new equipment for its therapy department and opened a short-term rehab unit offering private rooms for short-term rehab stays. 

Greenbriar has also implemented learning circles, so that residents and staff each have the opportunity to discuss and improve the facility’s daily operations. The evening meal experience is one improvement that has been incepted from these learning circles. Residents and staff members now feel as though they are in a restaurant during this meal time, as water glasses are filled at the table and appetizers and bread are served to the residents. The staff members present a variety of desserts on trays, and residents may select one or more of them.

Additionally, Greenbriar has modified the dining room, so that most of the residents can sit anywhere they want and can even enjoy watching TV in one section of the room while they eat. The residents needing special assistance are seated in the front area of the dining hall, and they are served first to give them the opportunity to socialize with other residents after meals. Because of the new dining room layout, staff members are now able to pass trays for all three meals within 25-30 minutes instead of an hour. Subsequently, these staff members welcome the dining changes because the dining process as a whole is more efficient, and they are able to better serve residents in need of assistance. This revamping of the dining room has also been well-received by residents, as instead of multiple service times for meals, the residents are welcomed to dine when they are ready during the meal service times, and they can sit at any table to socialize with friends.

The facility has also expanded the beverage program to include flavored water (like mango), cranberry juice and cappuccino throughout the day. The staff members pass out these beverages as wanted or needed.

The sound of silence is a new motto at Greenbriar, as overhead paging has been limited solely to announce activities. This minor adjustment has been very successful, as both residents and staff members have expressed their enjoyment with this more peaceful atmosphere.

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