Oak Haven Community Care Center

1515 Highway 107
Centerpoint, Louisiana 71323

Oak Haven has liberalized meals, so that every resident can enjoy their dining experience. Residents now dine with cloth napkins in place of bibs, and have a choice of what they want to eat, and even when they want to eat it. They can have a regular entrée and/or a choice of soup, salad and sandwich; and there is an array of desserts from which to choose.

The facility now offers dining that’s more conducive to restaurant-style. There are bread baskets at each table, along with condiment caddies containing items like hot sauce, hot pickles, and salt and pepper for residents to season food to their liking. Place mats have replaced trays, even for those who dine in their room; and residents enjoy their meals with drinking glasses and everyday China. Additionally, the facility’s hydration station offers soft-serve ice cream, juice, water, hot chocolate and coffee at all hours of the day.

Oak Haven offers its residents their own mini refrigerators in their rooms, so they can store and enjoy their own snacks and meals. Other snacks are also served in the kitchen during the day and on carts during after-hours.

Oak Haven reinforces the notion of resident empowerment by giving its residents the choice to take baths or showers whenever they want. And if residents want to sleep in, they can enjoy a short-order menu of items, such as waffles.

Residents are surrounded by the same staff on a daily basis, so that they may feel comfortable and enjoy their familiarity with them. As the facility transitions into a four-neighborhood model, the nurses’ station will be eliminated to create even more of a homelike, community-oriented environment for everyone. 

Based on feedback from staff-resident learning circles and the resident council, Oak  Haven continues to create menu items and resident-directed activities that enhance the cultural experience at this facility. Residents look forward to deciding on their “Meal of the Month” at the resident council, where they can choose what they want (i.e. steak or hamburgers) and make a final decision on the meal based on a vote. Quilting, pea shelling during the summer time, Ladies Night Out and Couples Night Out are some of the communal activities that have been introduced through learning circles and/or resident council.

The facility makes a point to celebrate its residents through “Resident of the Month.” The staff members profile the life of a resident each month and post this resident’s story on the lighted community bulletin board. Each resident is also honored on their birthday with special birthday cakes.

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