Our Culture

At CommCare, the resident experience is our primary focus. This is why we have closely evaluated our day-to-day operations at every one of our skilled nursing centers and created a culture change movement. For us, it’s about empowering residents, giving them more choices, and changing the overall mindset that residents, families and center staff members collectively exhibit toward our centers’ environment.

At some of our centers, we are doing complete construction or renovations to adopt what we call “the household model,” where our residents live in houses with other fellow residents and are assisted by a designated household coordinator. Some of our centers are converting hallways into “neighborhoods,” so residents share living and dining room spaces and engage in more community-like activities, based on their hallway location. The “finding ways to implement in daily practice model” is another cost-effective way in which all of our centers are making small changes that really go a long way toward improving and enhancing resident-centered care.

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Our spacious, well-appointed center allows us to provide care in an environment that makes residents feel at home.