Natchitoches Community Care Center

720 Keyser Avenue
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457

Natchitoches is converting its residential structure into a household model, which accommodates 16 to 20 residents per household. Each of these six households contains its own kitchen, living room, dining room, spa and household coordinator. The household coordinators act like cruise ship directors, as they oversee all of the activities and day-to-day operations within the households.

Beyond the facility construction is the mindset of team work among the employees. Each household at Natchitoches has a set team of staff members, who have been crossed-trained, so that nurses, CNAs, housekeeping staff and even office staff partake in the responsibilities of all aspects of resident care. These household teams promote bonds with the residents and allow for Natchitoches to better meet the daily needs of each resident.

With the household model, residents enjoy three to four-course meals and coffee while dining on glass plates and China. They use cloth napkins in place of bibs, much like they would if dining in their own homes. They can also sleep for as long as they want, and enjoy breakfast made-to-order when they wake up.

The residents at these households enjoy two refrigerators – one regulated containing the proper food stuffs to cater to the residents during meal times; and the other one containing any treats and personal food items from friends and family.  

Like many other CommCare facilities, Natchitoches conducts routine learning circles, with staff members and household residents, so more culture-related ideas can be introduced and implemented.

All of these modifications at Natchitoches are changing the psychological well-being of the residents, as the staff has done a complete assessment to sustain the highest quality of life possible for them. Additionally, staff members pride themselves on being receptive to culture changes that benefit the lives of the residents, and the staff understands that this commitment is rewarded in seeing residents happy and thriving.


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