Rehab to Home

While our skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers still provide long term care, 48% of those who have turned to us for care have completed the rehabilitation – physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy that the need to gain strength, skills and endurance to return home successfully.

Most of our centers have a wing dedicated for rehab to home. Others are making the transition. We find a wing dedicated to rehab to home builds an atmosphere where individuals encourage one another and that encouragement helps increase their success.

    Rehabilitation Community

    Physical Therapy Addresses:

    • Loss of balance

    • Increasing strength

    • Reducing pain

    • Chronic wounds

    • Improving endurance


    Occupational Therapy Addresses:

    • Eating, dressing
       & bathing skills

    • Meal preparation

    • Orientation

    • Arthritis

    • Increasing strength
      & coordination

    • Transitional skills


    Speech Therapy Addresses:

    • Swallowing & eating

    • Speech &
      communication skills

    • Memory & orientation

    • Cognitive ability