Baton Rouge Health Care Center

5550 Thomas Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70811

Baton Rouge Healthcare Center residents are happy and eating more, thanks to liberalized diets which have been implemented throughout the facility for those who are not on texture-limiting diets.

Residents have experienced a few other changes during their meal times. For example, condiments are now placed on all of the dining tables; and soups, sandwiches or salads are available in addition to the main meal and the alternate meal offered. Future plans for meal service include setting up “on-demand dining,” with an entire salad bar or soup and sandwich bar available to everyone. Additionally, residents, family and staff have been raving about the hydration station, which is now available 24/7 with juices, coffee and hot cocoa.

Baton Rouge Healthcare Center has also created its first “neighborhood” model, which promotes shared living and dining spaces within resident halls to create more of a community-like atmosphere. What’s more, the residents in these neighborhoods feel more at home with their designated neighborhood coordinator, as they decide independently when they each want to eat, bathe and wake!

Transforming the residents’ rooms into personal and meaningful themes has also been a big hit among the residents, family and staff members. Staff members have relished their time working with the residents to find decorations that fit each of their desired room themes. The Saints, the LSU Tigers and even butterflies are just some of the themes that have been implemented thus far.  

The residents now also enjoy the newly-added Tea Room and what they refer to as the “Man Cave” for socializing and visiting with family, friends and fellow residents. The local Baton Rouge General Hospital donated the big screen TV in the “Man Cave,” along with wall pictures representing the residents' era in sports, film/music and U.S. history.

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