Old Jefferson Community Care Center

8340 Baringer Foreman Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817 

Old Jefferson is transforming its traditional bathing rooms into hotel-like spa rooms, where furniture is now provided in the waiting areas, and the staff members working in the spa area wear new “spa specialist” uniforms. Additionally, residents now hang their clothes in designated hanging areas (as opposed to draping their clothes on wheelchairs), and can use special lotions offered at these spas. 

The facility now offers more restaurant-style service for dining, with courses that include salads and soups. Tables are set like they would be at a restaurant, with condiment caddies, more dessert options and uniform liberalized diets for most residents. Additionally, the staff offers residents 24-hour refrigerator and microwave access; On Demand Dining, with four to five food options (like chili cheese dogs, hamburgers, and fruit plates); and other ready-made foods that residents can access 24 hours a day.  

Old Jefferson allows mini refrigerators in every resident room, so that residents can feel more at home and heat up their foods in the microwaves provided on each hallway. Unique to this facility are the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie ovens, which allow for residents to bake their own cookies when they want them.

Additionally, based on a vote of the residents, Old Jefferson is expanding the activity room on the north end of the facility to include a living room area. This new room, which initially lacked common space, will be designated for the residents residing in that section of the building.

Old Jefferson has also enhanced its pet therapy program, so that more cats and dogs visit the residents once a week.

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