Ridgecrest Community Care Center

1616 Wellerman Road 
West Monroe, LA 71291 

Animals always make any place feel more like home, and Ridgecrest provides ample opportunity for residents to enjoy different breeds of them. Fish and a parakeet reside at Ridgecrest, but Scrappy, the therapy dog, visits the facility five days a week. Scrappy can be seen cuddling with residents, riding in wheelchairs with them, or sunbathing outside while they enjoy some fresh air. Scrappy is very active at Ridgecrest and has monthly columns in both the monthly newsletter and Panache magazine. In his literary pieces, he is always writing about his wonderful experiences at Ridgecrest.

As part of its home-like culture, Ridgecrest offers a library and two Wii Nintendos (one for activities and one for therapy) to all of its residents. The Wii Nintendos are popular among the residents, as they really enjoy their ease of use, and the Wii games are a substitute for more high-risk physical activities like bowling and tennis. Additionally, all residents determine when they will have their baths and when they will go to bed; and they can enjoy weekly manicures upon appointment request, just as they would outside of the facility.

Residents have the opportunity to participate in planning the monthly calendar of activities and events, which include outings, arts and crafts, games, Internet time and more. They also look forward to voting at their Resident Council meetings on the venues for “Dine around Town,” a monthly dinner that takes place outside of Ridgecrest. During Resident Council, residents are also allowed to critique the facility’s menus and offer suggestions to fit their preferences.

In addition to communal amenities and activities, Ridgecrest offers a new neighborhood of seven suites with a separate dining and outdoor area that’s conducive to household-style. These newly-renovated Ridgecrest Elite Suites are designed to accommodate residents seeking a semblance of their previous home lifestyle. Personal items such as furniture, artwork, bedding and draperies from home all play important roles in lending familiarity for the residents.

The existing seven private suites offer enough room to accompany a living area, a bedroom area, a private lavatory and sink. The semi-private suite offers a couples suite or accommodations for two people with individual bedroom settings.

The Grand Room is the epicenter of the suites, as this space doubles as a dining room and group activities space. A multi-use buffet, refrigerator, microwave, coffee station, snack area, large flat screen TV, games, and arts and crafts are available in the Grand Room. During meal times, The Grand Room’s two round tables are set with seasonal decorations or fresh flowers, table clothes and napkins. Beverages are poured from glass pitchers, and meals are served on plates instead of trays, in a home-style manner.

Fresh fruit and quick breakfast options are provided for suite residents that choose to skip breakfast time. These residents can make waffles from the general freezer (just like they would from home), and enjoy long hours for all meals. They can even make a plate for themselves to take back to their rooms.

Learning from the success of Ridgecrest’s first neighborhood will guide the facility with its neighborhood expansion plans.

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